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About Me

Let me introduce myself

I am passionate about helping brands find their creative voice. I have started my career in Marketing since I launched a jewellery brand called Rerecordz, back in 2009. Since then I studied Design & Communication and then moved to London in 2013 where I took a Master degree in Marketing Management. After working in different places, I have decided to work as self-employed, and here we are. Iam_dalilaminerva is one-stop Marketing Agency which aims to help my clients thrive in a changing omnichannel world and leverage their unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success. I am here to make your life easier — talk to me about how I can help.

Content Strategy  Social Media 
Social Media Advertising

Digital Marketing Food & Drink

 Branding   Design Events Coordination 

Creative Initiatives Hospitality

Traditional Marketing  

Web & Social Media Audit     



University of Westminster, London

Master in Marketing Management (Frist)


S.U.N. Luigi Vanvitelli

BA Design & Communication (First)



Design  Food     Travel    Music  Social Media  People E-commerce Fashion

Art    Events    Charity    Creative Initiatives  Cooking

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